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Anna Kõuhkna, Anu Muiste, Sandra Sirp


Castellan House Gallery



Conversations between the three painters began as a result of incidental encounters and recognition of one another, leading to a visual narrative in the Castellan House Gallery. At the exhibition we see the artists' personal stages, experiences and reflections – creative chapters that breathe freshly through a new union.

The mystery and character of the number three has repeatedly emerged in the communication between the artists and is supported by the three rooms of the historical Castellan House Gallery, where the different stories of the three female artists are intertwined.

Through the three rooms the topics of the conversation go through several levels from existencial questions to perceiving the environment – a tripartite conversation in which different experiences and opinions are accepted and expected. The visual language of the artists creates new meanings and perspectives through conversation, silence, listening, insights and interrelation. It is up to the visitor to decide whether to remain a listener or join the conversation.

The world created by Anna is surrounded by nature, of which the main character is a woman – her heart's paths, twists and stops. Anu is open to the world, seeking to find explanations, solutions and teachings also in the darker matters of life in order to develop and move forward. The anonymous distance of Sandra creates a room of its own for the viewer to enter through pure color and geometry. Whilst the artists make visual suggestions, they wish to give the viewer the freedom for their own thoughts and experiences, threads to be found and voids to be filled.

The Castellan House Gallery opens its 26th exhibition season with the exhibition "Trialogue". The gallery is located in the Eduard Vilde House Museum in Kadriorg and is as open-minded with its exhibition program as the first Estonian professional writer Eduard Vilde, inviting all to participate in discussions of various subjects and affiliations regarding art and our society.

Exhibition design in collaboration with Kadrioru park. 


Exhibition photography: Anna Kõuhkna

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