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Anna Kõuhkna, Helen Sirp, Anu Muiste, Sandra Sirp

Vaal Gallery



"The Fifth Element" is a visual conversation on the classical elements - air, water, earth, fire, the interaction of which creates the mystical and sacred fifth element.


What emerges can be described as aether, space, or love. The visual conversation covers a spectrum of psychological, spiritual and mathematical aspects, but each artist approached the matter through their individual element.


Playing with symmetry, the spatial installation connects the artworks and creates a shared space, linking each element with its own cardinal point. The installative compass of the exhibition is composed of hints on movement directions, where the exact route is up to the visitor to decide.


The exhibition is sponsored by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Punch Club.

Exhibition photography: Anna Kõuhkna, Andres Toodo / Craftrag

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